Commitment Ceremony Print

Love knows no boundaries and the commitment to a loved one can be one of the most meaningful moments in a person's life. The commitment ceremony is a declaration of that love in a public forum, sharing the joy of your union with friends and family. Some couples decide to celebrate this joyous occasion with a simple, private ceremony, while others choose a more elaborate reception.

PARTYTYME understands and respects the significance of your commitment ceremony and reception, and we will work with you and your partner to make your party a success however you decide to celebrate it. With our dedication and expertise, you will have the resources available to assist you in planning the perfect affair. Use our Finals Worksheet to provide us with a detailed outline of your event, including the music you want to hear, the special dances, introductions of life partners and/or entire bridal party and any other items that will help ensure that your party addresses your needs.

PARTYTYME offers several packages from our basic (but excellent) two-man show to a premier high-energy party that includes intelligent lighting, party favors, smoke and video, even an optional percussionist. Our selection of music includes today's hottest songs as well as yesterday's hits for the parents and other family members. We also have a large selection of music across all genres. See our music database for more details. Whether you choose a formal or informal party, traditional or contemporary, low or high MC interaction, we have the experience and the music necessary to make your party a success. Throughout the event, we will continually "read the crowd" and adjust our music selections and MC interaction. We will gladly accept (and play) appropriate requests from you and your guests received at the party or in advance (you will be asked to submit a request list in advance either via fax, email or through our website.

Six to eight weeks before the affair, we'll invite you to our office to review your Finals Worksheet (we can also conduct this interview via telephone if desired). We will give you suggestions and opinions as desired and assist you with any ideas and music preferences. We will also assist in planning the flow of events and formalities throughout your party. Our offices are also open during the week to help answer any additional questions you may have.

PARTYTYME has been performing at events throughout the tri-state area and beyond for over a fifteen years. We are fully insured, use professional equipment, and have polished and knowledgeable disc jockeys on staff. Many catering halls and banquet venues currently require entertainers to maintain liability insurance. If your hall requires this insurance, we will provide them with a certificate faxed directly from our insurance company. If you have additional questions or would like to arrange an appointment, please call (718) 468-6240 0 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .