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We realize that your wedding is one of the most important moments in your life. PARTYTYME knows what it takes to make your wedding as memorable as possible. We place our 15 years of experience at your disposal. Feel free to use the following as a guide when planning your wedding.

Please complete and return the following worksheet no later than 8 WEEKS prior to your wedding day: Wedding worksheet, Wedding worksheet (Spanish Version) . Please use our Wedding Music List and Music List to assist you in selecting the music for this special occasion. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


PARTYTYME is pleased to provide the music for your wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony consists of the Prelude, the Processional and the Recessional.

The Prelude music sets the mood as the guests arrive and are seated prior to the ceremony.

The Processional music is played when the bridal party marches down the aisle. A distinct music selection is played when the bride enters and then marches down the aisle. Traditional music for the bridal party includes "Canon" by Pachelbel or "Trumpet Voluntary" by Clarke. For the Bride, "Bridal Chorus" by Wagner is the traditional favorite. Please understand that any song with special significance to you is appropriate.

The Recessional is played at the conclusion of the ceremony as the bridal party returns up the aisle. The traditional music is "Wedding March" by Mendelssohn or "Simon Tov and Mazel Tov" for Jewish weddings.

Additional selections may be played if desired during the ceremony. We will customize the music for this event in consultation with you and your partner.


Cocktail Hour:
This portion of your wedding generally lasts one hour, but it can be slightly longer or shorter depending on your wedding itinerary. The music we suggest is usually ballads, jazz, adult contemporary, or instrumentals to set the proper mood and create an elegant atmosphere.

Introductions / First Dance:
After the cocktail hour, guests will be seated in the main reception hall to await the Introduction of the Bridal Party. PARTYTYME will then introduce the members of your Bridal Party to music that you have chosen during one of our consultation sessions. Remember your song selections reflect the individuality and uniqueness of your wedding.

After you and your spouse are introduced, you will proceed to the center of the dance floor where you will enjoy your First Dance. During your first dance, we will invite your bridal party and guests to join you on the dance floor.

After your first dance, everyone will be seated in order to prepare for the toast. The person offering the toast will then be called to the microphone and your guests will be asked to rise.

Once the introductions, first dance and toast have been completed, a sit-down dinner or open buffet will begin. This lasts approximately forty-five minutes to one hour. The music played during dinner will be mostly ballads, contemporary vocalists, and other selections based on your preferences.

Once dinner is completed, certain formal events take place. These formalities include dances with parents, cake cutting, garter and bouquet tosses, etc. This usually lasts thirty to forty-five minutes.

Open Dancing:
It's PARTYTYME! Party dancing begins and lasts approximately two hours. Using your suggestions and our professional experience we will play a mix of music to satisfy you and your guests. We will also coordinate the distribution of giveaways during this time. Please use our Wedding Music List and Music List to assist you in selecting the music for this special occasion. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


Broom Jumping:
Ancestors of African-Americans created the ritual of broom jumping during the times of slavery. Because slaves could not legally marry, they created their own rituals to honor their unions. Broom jumping is said to derive from the African tribal marriage ritual of placing sticks in front of the ground of the couple's new home for good luck.

'Jumping the broom' has become to be known as a symbol of sweeping away the old and welcoming the new, or as a symbol of the new beginnings.

PARTYTYME understands and respects the significance of the 'jumping of the broom' ceremony and will work with you to incorporate it into your wedding celebration. After the bride and groom have been introduced, and before the first dance, (or after if you so desire), we will have the guests circle the newlyweds. We will then have the bride and groom stand in front of the cememonial broom. At this time, we will describe the symbolism of the ceremony as it relates to the combining of the families and the need for the community to support the couple. The couple will now hold the broom handle together and sweep around in a circle. The groom should then place the broom on the floor and hold the bride's hand. We will then ask the guests to accompany us as we say "1,2,3 JUMP". The bride and groom will then together jump over the broom, we will have the crowd give the newlyweds a rousing round of applause and then continue on with the festivities.